SEWA Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of people in Pakistan through education, women empowerment, training centers, health, water purification plants, sports advancement, and microfinance. SEWA Foundation was founded with the belief that education is the key to unlocking the potential of individuals and communities, and that empowering women is a critical step toward achieving equality and social progress.

Sheikh Belal Jahangir 
Chairman Silver Star Group

Our Vision

Dedicated to serve the humanity exclusively a charitable organization particularly supporting education health care and other related relief activates without any affiliation with regional, ethnics or political organization and without any discrimination of creed cast or religion.

Our Mission

SEWA FOUNDATION is to be committed to serving humanity especially vulnerable and orphans without any kind of discrimination to contribute to their well-being of health, education, financial sustainability, livelihood, shelter, availability of clean water, savage of disaster and other needs and wants of life.

SEWA Water Filteration

Women Empowerment

SEWA Education

SEWA Food Relief

SEWA Medical Relief

Orphan Support

SEWA Microfinancing

SEWA Relief & Shelter

SEWA Support

SEWA Water Filteration

SEWA is providing the complete infrastructure for the availability of purified drinking water to schools and communities by installing water purification plants in order to prevent any water-borne diseases.

SEWA has installed 36 WPPs in different areas.

SEWA Women Empowerment

SEWA believes that women-focused and women-centered strategies are key to ending hunger, poverty, and inequity across the globe.

SEWA established vocational training centers for women to empower them by providing vocational skills to polish their existing skills and gain new skills.

SEWA Medical Relief Program

SEWA is arranging free medical camps in far-off places to help: marginalized segments of society, in these camps people got free medical checkups, blood tests, screening, free medicines and other diagnostic tests free of cost.

SEWA is planning to offer free medical  treatment for deserving people who are suffering from life-threatening diseases like Cancer, Cardiovascular and Hepatitis.

SEWA Education Program

Awareness campaigns

Capacity building for the educational staff through financial and technical support to schools to increase services and quality of education.

Providing missing facilities, equipment, school furniture, school supplies, student sponsorships and all necessary items to support their education.

SEWA Food Relief

Emergency Food Relief

Providing winter clothes and blankets to the vulnerable families

Urgent response to the displaced needs through providing them shelter and basic necessities.

Rehabilitation and relief programs by providing health facilities, food, distribution of cloths, blankets, and installation of water tanks to people to help them to survive the natural calamity.

SEWA Orphan Support

SEWA supports Orphan’s Houses with furniture  Education supplies, Sports Goods, Clothing and other basic life necessities to run these facilities throughout the year.

SEWA Microfinancing

SEWA FOUNDATION is addressing the challenges of unemployment, poverty, and financial exclusion through the SEWA Microfinance program as interest-free loans enable individuals to become self-employed, generate income, and contribute to the overall economic development of the country.

SEWA Relief and Shelter

SEWA Disaster Management aims to help people affected by natural disaster, Providing them with shelter and the facility of caregivers like; Tents, Cloths, Medicines, & Food items etc.